Real Estae ERP (Real Estate Management Cum Accounting System)

Realex ERP is the Turn-key project of the Company in the field of computerization of Real Estates. The Product is an extract of 20 plus years of study over the Real Estates Companies. Realex is appreciated by one and all who ever is in the field of Real Estate Business. To its credibility the software has over 80% of market share in the Real Estate Business segment. Realex is an complete ERP giving End to End Solution to the Real Estate Companies which are specially into open plot sales.

The Real Estate-ERP is available in following Modules

SNo Module Personal Professional Silver Gold Add Ons.
1. Real Estate Sales
2. Finance
3. Mobile Apps (Android & iOS)

4. Layout (Online option)

5. Customer Relationship Management

6. Telemarketing

7. Estates

8. Human Resources (Payroll)

9. Cheque Writing

10. Property Management

11. Construction

12. Material Management

13. Asset Management

14. Admin